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PLEASE NOTICE: Any online orders received after 1:45pm today, Friday the 18th,
will not be seen or processed until the store reopens Tuesday, January 22nd for the first day of classes.

Winter and Spring Semester textbooks are available for preordering.

Winter Semester textbooks can be found in the Spring Semester section on the Textbook Ordering page. At this time, only credit card orders will be accepted.

Student Accounts for Winter Semester begins December 26th 2018, Spring Semester Accounts open January 14th 2019. We are currently receiving the textbooks into the store, your order acts as a reserve until the books arrive and then your order will be processed.



Students wishing to purchase digital textbooks with Student Accounts can purchase them through the 'Order Textbooks' tab in the 'Ordering Info' menu. Credit card only users, please use the 'Redshelf' link in the 'Ordering Info' menu.